• Poetry: This Heart You Can’t Hold.
    This heart you try to hold burns with the light of a dying sun…
  • A Philosophy Of Time: In stillness And Virtue.
    Time. The thing with have so much of, yet so little. The finite substance of the infinite. We have attempted to master time for all of time itself, but what have we learned? We have managed to place it in a form that the masses can understand. We have produced a means to articulate and measure… but how is it best spent?
  • Poetry: Existential.
    This reality an existential prison based on the premise…
  • Facing A Fear: A Hello From Me.
    So, I faced a huge fear of mine yesterday. I put my face and voice on camera, to say hello to my Twitter following. I was nervous. I was awkward. But, I pushed myself…

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“And that supernova behind his eyes could not wait,

it would cascade forth in ebbs of creation and splendour.

And the words upon on his lips would not relent,

they would move the stars,

and you along with them.”

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