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If I was to write something professional for my website here, it would probably look a little like this:

Lee A. Vockins is a writer, blogger and author of the supernatural-action series, The Hunter. He has been much in life, but no title has stuck quite as well as writer. While eclectic and chaotically creative, Lee focuses on the themes of the unknown for his fiction writing, with horror, science fiction and fantasy being recurring genres. He conjures the dark and mysterious to page, to intrigue and entertain.

Lee A. Vockins has blogged about many subjects, but none more so than his recovery from mental illness. Lee struggled with learning difficulties in his younger years, with reading and writing developing later than most. In later years, PTSD and OCD would be his tormentors. He is the result of his demons.

Through words, he aims to inspire, and show that through pure will and determination, we can overcome anything. Through complete stubbornness and vision, we can achieve what others perceive as impossible.

At a glance, that is me, but allow me to break that formal character. It has never been within me to completely follow the typical, nor the predictable. “I am a creative, therefore I am chaos”. I said that once, and absolutely meant it. I follow my creativity with everything I am. This is my being. Within this website contains the chaos of my mind. Some corners are dark and a little unsettling, but then others are light and a little inspiring. That is me, and I put everything to page for all to see.

And, so, here is my website. Please take a look around. It contains an insight into me and my work, as well as free content for you all to enjoy.

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