• Walking for Mind – Day 0
    I decided to start my challenge early, because I was both very eager and wanted to get some extra steps in. Being me, I went big for my first walk…
  • Poetry: Destroy Me.
    My love these shadows would cower…
  • Short Story: His Angel / Her Demon by Nicola Lowe & Lee A. Vockins.
    He dangled me by delicate wrists from the top of the tall building. The icy wind pricked at my skin, lassoing around me dangerously. Yet it wasn’t the wind that caused shivers along my body…
  • Walking For Mind.
    So I’m about to take on this challenge. Most of you know over here know about my struggles with mental illness and my recovery. I actually started my blog because of it. It’s been a journey, but I’m here, and I’m well…

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“And that supernova behind his eyes could not wait,

it would cascade forth in ebbs of creation and splendour.

And the words upon on his lips would not relent,

they would move the stars,

and you along with them.”

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