• Poetry: Forsaken Reunion.
    In the dark of night lonely creatures stir rising from forsaken graves abandoned after death to awaken with a sense of longing their hungry beings seek to reunite skeletal hands find those of their decomposing lover caressing once plump faces now gaunt lips still part for only each other that end in a kiss unlocking
  • A Journey For Mind: A Challenge Complete.
    On the 17th of June I began an optimistic journey. I’d set myself a challenge to walk one and a half million steps in ninety days for a charity close to my heart – Mind…
  • Book Review: The Missed Kiss by Nicola Lowe.
    Honestly, this is not my usual genre to read, but I was pleasantly surprised by how this book gripped me. The Missed Kiss is a beautiful tale of love and friendship, full of twists and turns that will keep you reading until the end. The characters are superbly crafted, lovable and relatable…
  • Poetry: Beyond Words by Lee A. Vockins and R. Petrus.
    They would look upon each other through a barrier of every conceivable reality. At the slightest touch, the veil was a collision of colour, shimmering with the very essence of infinity. It was an indestructible impossibility, but there it was – an obstacle between them and fate…

About the author:

Lee is a poet and author from the small town of Newbury in Berkshire, England. His preferred genre is cosmic horror, but he writes and reads across a wide range of material.

He is strong mental health advocate, PTSD survivor and fundraiser for Mind – a charity close to his heart.

In his younger years, he could often be found with a guitar in his hands or diving into a mosh pit, but nowadays he prefers to wield a pen or read. He has an avid interest in philosophy, psychology and technology. When not reading or writing, Lee enjoys long hikes across the countryside, stargazing, music and the simpler things in life.   

“And that supernova behind his eyes could not wait,

it would cascade forth in ebbs of creation and splendour.

And the words upon on his lips would not relent,

they would move the stars,

and you along with them.”

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