About me:

A few words that I would use to describe myself:

Eclectic. Creative. Chaotic.

Some things that I am:

Stoic. Proud nerd. Spiritual.
A creature powered by plants and coffee.

My name is Lee, and this place will be a supernova of my mind. I wish to share with you some my creation and theory and thought.

I want to inspire and distract and give you a glimpse into everything that could be. I want to help you find everything Within and show you how to wield every power you have, because you are powerful; we all are.

“And that supernova behind his eyes could not wait,

it would cascade forth in ebbs of creation and splendour.

And the words upon on his lips would not relent,

they would move the stars,

and you along with them.”

Contact me:

Have a question? Interested in a project collaboration? Want your book or audio book reviewed and featured here?

Struggling with your mental health and need a friendly chat?

I’m always here for my readers.

You can email me at: Authorleea@outlook.com