Fiction – The Creature Named

The creature named.


There is a creature on my back. Its face has no features, its body has no skin. I question my sanity, is this all in my head? Day by day, its grip tightens. Day by day, its burden becomes more than I can bare. It slows my run to a walk, my walk to a crawl.

I look into the mirror, its form overshadows my once radiating features. My hair once black, now grey. My eyes once glowing, now drawn. I know not from whence it came, its arrival was sudden, as if from a void of nothingness. I know not what it is, its name or its species. Maybe it’s time that my courage allowed me to speak out.

“What are you?” I say, my voice trembling. I search the creatures face for eyes to meet but find nothing.

“I am many things, and I am nothing. I am you, but I am also me” I hear from the mouthless creature, its voice echoes with a thousand voices. Its riddles mean nothing to me.

“What is your name?” I try again, my voice stronger than before.

“I have many names. I am darkness. I am sorrow. I am sadness. I am depression.”

With its last words, the creature tightens its grip on me, compressing my chest, digging its claws in further. I lose all strength and collapse to my knees. The creature begins laughing, its disembodied voice reverberates down my entirety.

“There is no escaping my grip. Succumb to me. You’re too weak to fight.”

Its words spark a fire from within me, a fire that I have not felt in so long. The rage inside me awakens my muscles, my lungs, my heart. I dig my closed fists into the floor and push myself back to my feet. A whimper turns into a grin, and I begin to laugh uncontrollably.

“You think you’ve won? Do I look defeated to you? No. This battle has just begun. Now that I know your name, creature, you may want to further tighten your grip. I am so much stronger than you think.”



So there it is, my first bit of fiction for WordPress. Hopefully you enjoyed it. I’ve had this idea bouncing around my mind for a while and felt the need to write it and share. Thank you for reading.


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