The Dream Blade- Update 1


The first draft of Chapter 1 from The Dream Blade is complete! The words fell onto pages a lot easier than I first expected them to. This is my first project, longer than a short story, that I have started work on. I haven’t quite decided on the length of this project yet. Originally, I was going for novella length, but the more that I write, the more ideas come to me. So, this could turn out to be my first novel, or it could even end up as a trilogy. I’ll just see where the writing takes me. Hopefully, this is the beginning of something great.

So, what is The Dream Blade about?

Gabriel is awakening to a world that he never thought, in his wildest dreams, could exist. His love interest, Kal, is trapped in another dimension and he has no idea of how to get to her. Gabriel’s only clue and hope is a sword that she left behind during an all too brief visit. The Dream Blade is a story of action, bravery and love, of monsters, swords and beauty.

Here’s a little teaser from chapter 1:

“Damn!” Gabriel awoke to the piercing sound of his alarm, he’d snoozed it five times already. With a swift movement, he launched it across the room, and with a crash, it stopped making noise. Gabriel was going to be late for work, just like he had been every day since the event.

“The event,” Gabriel whispers to himself, that’s what he calls it now. The event changed his life, for better or for worse, he couldn’t quite tell yet. He feels more confident, stronger, less afraid, but also lonely, incomplete and bored of this mundane routine. Instead of rushing out of the comforting embrace of his duvet, Gabriel lays back, staring at the crack in his ceiling.

“Kal was here. She was really here.” He says out loud before realising that he’s talking to himself, stopping before the void of his room thinks him crazy. She left a broken heart and a repair bill, neither has he gotten around to fixing yet.

Gabriel’s gaze shifts to his dresser, a sword stand lays bare there. The gift that she had left him, the dream blade, was with his friend for analysis. He missed its presence, its long silver edge, its ornately golden grip. It reminded him of Kal and her lethal beauty. It was the tangible evidence of his sanity.

Feel free to let me know what you think or ask any questions that you may have. More content, including update 2, will be on its way shortly. As always, thank you for reading.


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