Flash fiction and the beach.



Pluvia stared out of the window, tracing the falling rain drops with her fingers. Tears fell from her wide and weary eyes as she rested her head on crossed arms. There was an emptiness within her. A loneliness. A fear. A fear for the power that was inside of her. The skies wept because she did.

With a crash of her fist against the wall, thunder filled the air. With a spark of anger in her chest, lightening filled the sky. Pluvia was alone with this power, and she knew it.

It was both a gift and a curse. In her joy, the sun would beam for all to embrace. In her sadness, all could drown in her tears. But worst of all, in her rage, she could set the world aflame.

Hey everyone, just a short post today. This flash fiction was written on a car journey back from the beach. While the story has a sad undertone, it was actually just inspired by the many changes in the weather that we experienced that day (being in Britain, this probably shouldn’t have surprised me much). Long story short; there was sun, then a bit of rain, then lots of rain, then even more sun. All in all, it turned out great.

The beach is one of my favourite places from which to draw inspiration. There is something fascinating to me about the vast oceans, the calm greens and blues ending in a crash of waves. I can lose myself in a trance for hours, just pondering. It’s calming. It clears the mind of the everyday mundane.

The reason for it just being a short post this week is the number of projects that I currently have underway at this moment in time:

  • A short story for a competition next month is almost complete.
  • A new short story for here is almost complete.
  • And finally, chapter 2 of my novel The Dream Blade is about 1/3 there.

I am finding that since starting this blog, I am able to concentrate on my work a lot easier. It’s almost as if putting my work out there, for all to see, has spurred me on tenfold. Thank you all that have followed me at this early stage of my journey, there is so much more to come.

I now have a Twitter and Facebook, for anyone that wishes to follow me there, I will be eternally thankful for your support. (A side note on Twitter; I have no idea how to use it yet, so bear with me on that one)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/L_A_Vockins

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lavockins/

Thank you for reading.



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