Fiction- The Hunted.


Lilith’s thirst for blood fuelled her this night, strengthening an ancient power within her. She bounded from roof top to roof top, moving too fast for the mortal eye to witness. Her long silver hair writhed behind her tall, lithe form. She searched the dark rank alleyways for her next victim, they would be no match for her strength or fury. The last had not filled her, nor the one before that, she left a trail of slaughter this night, and it would not end until her hunger was satisfied.

Lilith stopped, perched to overlook her chosen hunting ground. Focusing her unnaturally blue eyes, she could see the darkness as if it was daylight. “I know you’re here.” She whispered playfully to herself. Her prey was not in sight, but she knew that they were there. She could smell their sickly scent in the air. She could hear their heart pounding in their chest. She could almost taste their sweet life force on her tongue already. She licked her lips in anticipation for the kill.

Letting herself drop from the ledge, Lilith dropped from a height that would have killed any human. She landed gracefully without a sound. Scanning from side to side, she strolled through the darkness without a care for who lurked there. The heartbeat grew louder and louder, pounding in her ears. A scrape of metal on concrete distracted her focus, her eyes darted to its origin.

A tall cloaked figure stood at the end of the narrow, they would have been hidden in complete darkness if it wasn’t for her unnatural sight. It stood perfectly still, perfectly silent. Its heartbeat was steady, unchanging even in Lilith’s presence. She strutted closer and closer to the statue like figure.

“You should be careful, you don’t know who’s lurking in the darkness at this time of night.” Said Lilith, being sure to reveal her fangs in the moonlight. The figure still stood silent and unmoving. For the first time since becoming a vampire all those years ago, Lilith felt an unease.

A deep guttural laughter filled the alleyway, rebounding from graffiti covered wall to trash can. Even with Lilith’s eyesight, she could not see the figures shadowed face, but she knew that it was its origin. It was a he, and he was mocking her. With a snarl and a hiss, she pounced, ready for the strike. Lilith’s movement were so fast that they were a blur, but the cloaked figure was faster. She struggled to move, flailing to gain foot on the ground. She was held in a vice-like grip by the throat. Her need to breathe was not a concern, she had forgone that necessity when she became undead. She felt the strength of the mysterious figure was even beyond her own, her neck could snap at any moment.

“Who… are… you?” She barely articulated. The cloaked man reached into his cloak and drew a long silver blade.

“It’s funny how easily the hunter can become the hunted.” He said, his voice as deep and as coarse as his laugh. Lilith knew that this was the end. The last thing that she saw was the flash of silver in the moonlight.


Find out who the mysterious cloaked man is next week! As always, thank you for reading.


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