Fiction- Into The Unknown (Extended)

As there has been some interest in my first short piece of writing (that was included in my introduction), I thought I’d expand on it and see where it goes. I hope you enjoy!


Novus stood at the edge of the world, staring into the void below. A warm breeze gently kissed his heavily scarred face. He pondered at the vast darkness, wondering at the many secrets that it could hold. A battle raged behind him, the clash of steel on steel, the metallic scent of blood, the bellows and cries. It all assaulted his senses from all directions. Novus had a choice, go into the unknown or fight the battle that was all too familiar to him. A single tear graced his cheek, the fall into the void would either be his undoing or his making.

The sound of heavy foot falls behind Novus interrupted his thoughts. From his years of battle, he could sense that there were multiple warriors. They were heavily armoured and weapons clinked at their sides. He didn’t bother looking back, he still stood staring into the void, it was like an obsidian slate where he could start anew. It sparkled and glistened like a thousand stars on a clear night’s sky.

Novus had enough of the fighting, enough of the chaos. This was it. He spread his arms to his sides, like an angel ready for flight. He sucked in a deep breathe. He let himself fall over the edge.

He fell faster and faster, further and further. The darkness enveloped him. He found solace in the sudden silence. Spheres of light drew lines as he passed them by. He didn’t know what they were, but they were resplendent in the nothingness that now surrounded him.

Novus watched below him as the end approached. He had been falling for so long that he had started to doubt its existence. The ground was a sheet of glass, mirroring the void and its mysterious beauty. He could see his own reflection approaching fast. Forming his fall into a dive and driving his elbow forward, he braced for impact. I will break through this. I must. He thought to himself, seconds away from the possible end.

He felt no impact. No pain. He glided through the barrier with ease, the shards following him on his descent. When his eyes adjusted to the near blinding light of the beyond, he saw a familiar sight. He was falling through a sky that he had watched for many years. Cascading blues and dissipating whites now passed him as he fell. Beneath him was the emerald greens and mountainous splendours of the earth.

His descent abruptly slowed as he neared the ground. He took in a deep breath of the untainted air and revelled in the peace. His feet fell softly on the ground once again. Novus had took the leap and survived. This was his new beginning and he was going to make it count. He went into the unknown… beyond reality.


(I thought I’d give some explanation for this one. If you wish to stay with your own interpretation, please do not read on.)

This story has a meaning hidden within. I based it on how I felt before I began my writing journey. Novus (meaning new in Latin), represented me. The battle and battlefield behind him, represented life. The void, represented a decision to make a change, to start putting my writing out there, to try and change a big part of my life that I wasn’t happy with.

I was Novus and I took the leap. I, like the story, landed in a place that I am happy with. I have been overwhelmed with the support that I have received so far, from people around me and online. I know that I still have a long way to go, but I feel that I have made several bounds in the right direction. Thank you for reading and I hope that you keep following me on my journey. 😊


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