The Dream Blade- Update 2.

Chapter 2 of The Dream Blade is finally completed! It took me a little longer than I first had planned, but that is due to going over chapter 1 again. I felt like my writing had improved with chapter 2, so decided to redraft chapter 1 alongside it. I’m sure this is a strange way of doing things, but it felt right at the time and I am much happier with how the novel is looking.


Here is the excerpt from update 1 (chapter 1), new and improved:

“Damn!” Gabriel awoke to the piercing sound of his alarm, he’d snoozed it five times already. With a swift movement, he launched it across the room, and with a crash, it stopped making noise. Gabriel was going to be late for work, just like he had been every day since the event. The event. Gabriel thought to himself. That’s what he called it now. The event changed his life, whether it was for better or for worse, he wasn’t yet certain. He was more confident, stronger, less afraid, but also lonely, incomplete and bored of his mundane routine. Instead of rushing out of the comforting embrace of his duvet, Gabriel laid back and stared at the crack in his ceiling. Kal was here. She was really here. The thought is both of joy and sorrow. He had gotten to see her in the flesh, but she was gone almost as quickly as she had arrived. She left a broken heart… and a repair bill, neither have I gotten around to fixing yet.

The gift that Kal had left him, the dream blade, was with his friend for analysis. He missed its presence, its long silver edge, its ornately golden grip. It reminded him of Kal and her lethal beauty. It was the only tangible evidence of his sanity, the proof that the event happened. He’d not seen her for several weeks now. In fact, he had not even dreamed at all. It’s almost as if she had not only destroyed his nightmares, but also his dreams with them.


Here is an excerpt from Chapter 2 (Draft 1):

Gabriel awoke to a pool of blood at his feet, the smell of iron thick in the air. He stood surrounded by a hundred corpses on a battlefield of slaughter. The distance was obscured, a haze, a darkness blocking his sight. He looked to his hands and the dream blade was held there in a tight grip, its silver edge reflecting the deep red beneath him. Gabriel was garbed in a long black coat, slick and dripping with gore. A bandana covered his mouth and a hood hid his face in shadow. Where the hell am I? What is going on? This can’t be real. He walked from the pool of blood, his footsteps sending ripples through the thick substance. The ground cracked at his feet, the soil had long dried out of its nutreince and was absent of vegetation. Looking to the skies, dark clouds loomed above, they were unnatural and foreboding as they cascaded and ebbed with a purple light. Gabriel stopped in his tracks, he heard a noise coming from close by, but couldn’t quite find the source.

“Help me… Help me…”


I hope you enjoyed this little update of my progress. I am surging ahead and still on target for my novel to be finished early next year. I’m considering getting some art commissioned sooner rather than later, as I have a very strong idea of what I want. Hopefully I will be able share that with everyone in the very near future. Thank you for reading and following me on my journey. 😊


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