Fiction- The Hunter. (Part- 2)

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Azerius scanned the tree line for any sign of retaliation from the vampires. They weren’t that foolish, but the hunter was always prepared. His sword, Moonsgrace, was held ready in a tight grip, its blade like crystal in the moonlight. Satisfied that there were no more creatures, he sheathed it beneath his flowing cloak.

“And, I guess we’re done for the night.” He announced to the darkness.

It had all been too easy for Azerius. The hunt was completed and his prey had been put down. He never revelled in the kill, he just felt that it was his job. His duty. He couldn’t remember all of his past. Where he got his skills and agility. Where he got his strength. Where he got his sword. Was he even human? He’d always doubted it, but then, he knew no different. Azerius heard the doors of the mansion clatter behind, interrupting his thoughts. Instinctively, he drew his blade.

“Some fine work you did in there, Azerius. Long-time no see, old friend.” The voice was that of a boy, but it spoke with an experience far beyond its age.

He turned to the child sitting on a tree stump, juggling an object that he couldn’t quite identify. The child was half of his height and stature, but Azerius was still intimidated by his presence. His skin was a sickly grey in the moonlight and his ears ended in long points. The child’s name was Korhea, he was a vampire lord.

“My lordling, a little passed your bedtime, isn’t it?” Azerius quipped, unafraid. They had met on several occasions before. Azerius sheathed his sword in good will and the lord bowed his head in acknowledgement. Despite the lord’s size, Azerius knew from experience, that it was a fight that he did not want to have.

“Always the joker, Hunter. I heard that some of my kin were causing trouble around this area, so I came to deal with it. Looks like you did it for me. You have my gratitude.” Korhea stopped juggling the object and held it in a clawed grasp, it was the head of the recently slain vampire master.

He and Azerius were allies, of sorts. They both had the same goal of peace between the in-human and human. Korhea knew that his kin drawing attention to themselves could spell the demise of his species.

“They weren’t a problem. That master had some serious audacity to hunt on my turf. There was something different about him and his followers…”

“There is something in the air. Something coming. A consuming rage. I can feel it too. I’ve put down two masters myself. The last thing that we need is an uprising. A war against the humans is one that we would lose. We are too few.”

“And you understand the side that I would be batting for?”

“Of course, and I would be by your side.”

The lord and hunter shared a thoughtful silence for a moment until it was abruptly disturbed by a ringing.

“You have a phone?” Azerius queried, Korhea simply rose an eyebrow. “Oh, it’s me. I sometimes forget I have this thing. Technology, ay?” He tutted, unveiling the clearly-out-of-date device from beneath his cloak and holding it to his ear.

“Azerius, I need your expertise on something. I’m in Silvervayne wood, I’m sure you’ll be able to find me.” The voice on the other end said.

“On my way.” Azerius replied, immediately hanging up after. He turned to where Korhea was sitting, but the vampire lord was already gone…


More to come soon! Thank you for reading.



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