The Dream Blade- Update 3.

So, I haven’t done one of these in a while. Here’s a quick update on where I am with my novel.

I am currently focused on getting this project finished, ready to get it out there at some point next year (if all goes smoothly). I’m at the part in my novel that will mould my protagonist into the character that I had always planned for him to be.

I’m about a quarter of the way through, and this includes having already rewritten two chapters, as I instantly found them lacking when compared to following chapters.

Here’s a little, spoiler free, teaser of Chapter 3:

Gabriel and Zyra walked in silence for what seemed like miles. They remained hidden in darkness, down alleyways and vacant streets. It was deep into the night, and the sun would rise soon. Gabriel found himself thinking about Ariel, he wondered if she was safe. He reached down into his pocket for his phone, but it was gone. He came to the conclusion that it must have fallen out in the scuffle or while he was being dragged. Gabriel should have been exhausted by now, given the day he had and the hour. But he was not. Whatever she had done to him back in the alley, was unnatural. It defied all that he knew, but in a way, he was grateful for it. If this creature was leading him into a trap, he would need his strength, and at that moment, he felt it in abundance. He was strangely getting used to this new life that he had stumbled upon. If he was strong enough to survive in it yet, though, he did not know.

Zyra came to a halt outside of an old abandoned warehouse. Judging by number of smashed windows and crumbling exterior, it has not been used in years. A large doorway betrayed nothing but darkness within, despite the sun slowing rising beyond. Zyra motioned for Gabriel to enter, to which he complied with a steady trudge toward the entrance. In a moment of doubt, he looked behind him, but Zyra was gone.

Thank you all for reading, I am now going to carry on with the journey that is my novel. A journey that I am enjoying immensely. Have a productive day everyone!


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