Project Update.


Hey everyone. Apologies for my recent absence. I promise that it has been for good reason. I have been working very hard on recent projects, so I thought that I’d give you all an update on what I have been working on.


  • Probably the most important project to me is my Novella. For those of you that have been with me on here for a while know that The Hunter was a series written specifically for here. I chose to stop writing it as a series, as I wasn’t happy with it, and completely re write it into a novella. Well I have some great news on this. The first draft is about 2k words from completion. I aim to get it edited and out there (in some form), before December.


  • I am writing a Halloween special for WordPress! I am calling it three days of horror, in which I will be posting three short stories, in a row, in different styles, about the same scary entity that I have created. There will be another update on this, later this month.


  • I am planning a fiction series for a serial fiction website! This series will carry on the story of El’rathien, from my The Demon Slayer series that I posted on here. It will be an action packed apocalyptic fantasy as the elven warrior must once again fight to be reunited with his love. This will hopefully begin before December.


  • The Reaper is returning! My Alien versus Predator fanfiction will continue on the following site: Fanfiction. The hunt continues for Zarack, as he embarks on his deadliest adventure yet. Ariel investigates the corrupt Weyland Yutani corporation, with the help of the ever-useless Triston. All the while Tor must train to claim his ultimate trophy. Again, this will be happening very soon and I will keep you updated on here.


Thank you all for reading this little update, as you can see, I am very busy at the moment. But I do promise you that I have a lot of new content coming soon, as well as two books coming next year! I’d also like to say a big thank you to those of you that support me on my other networking sites. I have reached 1000 followers over on Twitter and 100 followers over on Facebook, which is way more than I had ever expected.

Thank you so much for reading!


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