The Faceless Child – The Ritual.

Professor Tristan Kent, 8th October 2017

I am writing this as record of a recent discovery and my findings on it. Parchment of an indeterminate age was found only days ago, inches beneath the soil in a small wooden box. Its container, however, was of no interest to me, it was a crudely fashioned thing of no importance. It was that which is written upon the parchment that is. It appears to be a form of ritual. A spell to summon a demon. A demon that the ritual refers to as the faceless child. It was written in an old dialect and used objects of days gone, but I have translated and converted it to something of this time. Here is what I have:

For the ritual, you will need three candles and a mirror. Follow the steps carefully. Heed my warning, this is not a game.

  1. Choose a place to perform the ritual. The ritual must not be performed in the same place that you slumber.
  2. Stand up the mirror and place the three candles in a triangle in front of it.
  3. Light the three candles.
  4. Stare into your eyes in the mirror and say “I am faceless too.” After this, blow out the first candle.
  5. Stare into your eyes in the mirror and say “I am faceless too.” After this, blow out the second candle.
  6. Stare into your eyes in the mirror and say “I am faceless too.” After this, blow out the third candle. Do not look into the mirror after blowing out the last candle.
  7. Go into your chambers and sleep.
  8. If the ritual was performed correctly, you will awake at 3a.m at the sensation of a disturbance at your feet. You must look up immediately. A demon shall be there. He is the Faceless child. Make sure that you look at where his face should be the entire time. After 6 minutes, 1 of 2 things shall happen:
  1. His face will morph into a representation of your own, a grim smile plastered across his face. This means that he likes you. He will climb from where you rest, leave your room and return to the mirror where he was summoned. Climbing into the mirror, he will return to his own realm.
  2. He will remain faceless. Crawling across your bed covers and placing his face inches from your own, he will disappear into nothingness. He will return, one night, when you least expect it, to claim your face as his own.


Although I am afraid of its consequence, I must meet this demon. I will perform the ritual so that others need not. Perhaps he will smile upon me for renewing his ritual. I feel his presence near me as I write this. I will look upon the faceless child this night.


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