The Faceless Child – The Article.


A deadly craze is spreading around the world. But is it in our heads?

A strange craze is sweeping the world, leaving a trail of death and insanity in its wake. The partakers in this craze have dubbed it “The Faceless child ritual.” The ritual is said to summon a demon. Although many are sceptical of its existence, none can deny the effect that this game is having. Several people have been reported dead, adults and children among them, and several more have been instituted on bases of insanity. We will not include the instructions of the ritual in this article, to prevent further spreading of it. We fear, however, that it is already too late. With the platform that the internet provides, the instructions of this game is already far and wide.

The rituals first victim was thought to have been just weeks ago. Professor Tristan Kent, aged 41, was found dead in his home, the instructions of the ritual scribbled on a piece of paper gripped tightly in his hand. Further oddities were found in his house. The walls were covered in writing, the words “I am faceless too” crudely etched repeatedly. All mirrors inside of the house were either smashed or covered with cloth. However, most disturbing of all, was the cause of death. The professor suffocated due to lack of a means to breathe. His face was twisted and contorted beyond recognition.

Another victim, one that had played the game and lived, is Amelia Daniels. At just the age of 20, she is currently undergoing treatment, residing in the Hearth asylum. An unknown source has reported that Amelia was suffering delusions and had seen herself in the face of a child-like creature. A creature that haunts her thoughts and dreams. She has admitted to playing “The faceless child ritual”.

The latest victim of this craze was Aiden Smith, a 24-year-old student. He was found deceased only days ago in his own bed, in a similar condition to the first victim. It has been confirmed, by friends, that they had found the ritual and had intended on using it. It has been reported that beside him was an open journal. However, what was written inside the book has yet to be released.

But what could be happening? Are we experiencing some mass delusion triggered by a story? Is this finally evidence of the unknown? Are is this just the work of a demented world-wide cult, covering murders by using fiction? Despite the number of experts that are working tirelessly for an answer, we are yet to receive one.

This truly is a mysterious case that has the world grasped in fear. It is highly recommended that you do not search for this ritual, and certainly, under no circumstance, perform it. Whether this is a psychological phenomenon, a cult of sick individuals or, indeed, proof of the supernatural, this game is dangerous.


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