The Faceless Child – The Journal.

Journal of Aiden Smith.

I have done something stupid. I have performed The Faceless child ritual, and it’s real. It’s all real. I’ll start from the beginning. 2 days ago, me and friends came across this list of instructions. These instructions were a ritual designed to summon a demon. Of course, we all laughed and thought it was stupid. But despite this, not one of us would attempt it. So out came the game of straws. You know, that one where there’s a straw for each person and one of them is short. I picked the short straw, therefor, as social law dictates, I was the one who had to do the ritual. And despite my hesitance, I did.

I bought the three candles and some matches from a shop down the road. Nothing special, but they did the job they were intended for. I took an old mirror off the wall and brought it to the basement. This would be my place for the ritual, as it states that it can’t be performed in the place that I sleep. And besides, what I was doing may look crazy if I was caught by my housemates. I set the mirror down, leaning it against a wall and placed the candles in a triangle in front of it. I struck a match and lit the candles, one by one. As I did this, I felt uneasy. Like what I was doing was wrong, but I also felt compelled to carry on. In hindsight, I don’t know if this was a supernatural effect or just my stubborn nature.

With the ritual set up, all that was left was to perform it. I spoke the words “I am faceless too”, before blowing out each of the candles in turn, being sure to not look into the mirror as I left. As I turned my back on that mirror, I knew that I had made a mistake. I could feel its gaze upon me as left the basement. My skin tingled and my chest tightened as I forced myself not to turn around. Even as I left the basement and slammed the door behind me, I could feel the presence of something.

I climbed into my bed and started laughing. “It can’t be real,” I repeated, my words caught between hysterics. This and a large shot a Jack Daniels calmed me enough to close my eyes and let sleep take me. My calm, however, would not last. It began with an odd clicking sound, like that of an insect, and the creaking of my bed. I opened my eyes to the sound but dared not look as my eyes adjusted to the pitch black of my room. But I knew what was there, and to survive, I would have to look up.

A pressure on my feet struck me from my tired haze as I looked up to the creature. Through the darkness I could make out a silhouette of a child, sat perched on the end of my bed. As the ritual dictated, I looked to where its face would be. As my eyes adjusted, I could see the creature clearly. It appeared as though it was skinless, its muscle and sinew on display. It was the colour of the night, and blended perfectly with the darkness. Its long slender arms ended in long fingers, pointed with sharp claws. Its face was nothing, like spare skin stretched over skull. It remained motionless for a while, as did I. Through fear, I could not speak or move.

Without any sign of caution, it scuttled on all fours up my bed sheets, toward my face. It made a clicking sound once more that seemed to emanate from beneath the stretched skin that replaced its face. As close as it was, I could now see the slight sheen to its black form and smell a sickly tang of iron that it emanated. As much as I wanted to, I could not close my eyes. I don’t know if it was because of the instruction not to, the fear or the intrigue, but they did not close. Then, as quickly as it arrived, it was gone.

It didn’t take me long to come to the realisation of what this meant. It either meant that: A- I’m crazy. Or B- It’s real and I’m in real danger. According to the ritual, it is now only a matter of time before the creature returns. And when he does, it will be my end.

If someone else is reading this, it probably means that I am dead. So please take this as a caution. DO NOT perform The Faceless child ritual. It is real. It is proof that we do not understand everything of this world and that there are creatures lurking in the dark.

I will end it here and say goodbye. It’s coming. I can hear it…


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