I’ve been noticing an increased amount of people disappearing from WordPress. It’s a shame to see so many talented writers give up and go. I’m beginning to wonder, why this is? I have seen posts from fellow bloggers mentioning a lack of views or likes. I have to admit, I was also focused on these for a long while. I have slowly learned to make posts based on what I enjoy. If the views and likes come straight away, that’s great, if not, I know that they will in time. A quote comes to mind, while on this subject. A quote that I have used before, and will continue to do so.

“You only fail if you stop writing.” – Ray Bradbury.

All that you have to do to be successful is keep trying. Most bloggers and authors that we know and love have been writing for years, and therefore have a following that they have worked hard to gain. A substantial following is not gained in weeks or months. If you are writing what you love to write, keep at it. It will only take one post or one story, to one day, gain some recognition. Then your growing base of followers will have an archive of great content to read.

So, to sum up this post. Keep writing. Keep blogging. Keep sharing your great stories. Be true to yourself. You have everything that you need to succeed. Don’t give up.


I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Light Writes! She featured my blog in her latest post, alongside some other very talented individuals. She posts great content that is entertaining, intelligent and very well written. You should all go check out her blog, follow her and give her some love!

I hope that you all enjoy this quick post today. I’m currently writing an ancient Egyptian themed fiction series, that will hopefully start here on Friday! Thank you all for reading. 😊


  • Hello. I feel like giving up since my work has been receiving no views or no likes. But sometimes I feel others only like myself so I’ll like their stuff. Their likes seem so fake… And no one gives their opinion so I don’t know what to do.

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    • Hello there. I’m sorry to hear that you feel like giving up, please don’t. I agree with you on the fake likes. There does seem to be some people that only use a “like for like” bases for their blog. Their are, however, a lot of genuine people on here that will support you. Unfortunately, it just takes a little longer to find them. Have you tried Twitter? I have found a lot of great bloggers through social media. I hope this helps. 🙂

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  • Firstly, thank you so so much for your compliment towards my blog. I wasn’t expecting that at all! 🙂

    I also noticed a few people privatise their blogs recently, which was a bit of a shock when I went to read them. Statistics are definitely motivating – nobody can deny that – but writing is a labour of love.

    I’m obsessed with creating a “portfolio” at the moment, so when my time comes I can say ‘look at everything I’ve done! I want this!’ 😛

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  • serenityrayneblog

    Just because one doesn’t write for other people, doesn’t mean they don’t write for themselves, and they have stopped writing all together. That could be why someone may stop posting on here. They could be writing a book for all we know. Also, the person could have other passions besides just writing that have taken center stage in their life like vlogging, music, or art. There are so many creative outlets out there. Some people could just need a break for one reason or another. There are so many possibilities. But I do think it’s a shame when people stop because they are worried about how much attention their posts are getting.

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    • That is true, but I am talking about the ones that leave for the mentioned reason. And, of course , I am talking about the ones that state they are leaving for that reason.

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      • serenityrayneblog

        I figured as much. I just was stating that there are more than one reason people might see a WordPress writer leave. I tend to comment whatever is on my mind, and I wasn’t trying to imply that you weren’t aware of other reasons why people may stop writing on here.

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  • My problem was not too few Likes, Comments and Follows but rather too many of each. I had to take a break and do something else. And I did. And I feel much better now. Great article – thanks for sharing.
    Kindness – Robert.

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  • lol, I have a bad habit of coming and going depending on what is going on in my life. If life gets busy, I don’t really go on WordPress. But I always try to come back (and reconnect with people) where possible. 🙂

    Happy New Year btw. Hope 2018 is a creative year for you. 🙂

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  • Charlena E. Jackson

    L.A. Vockins,
    Inspirational!! Love it!! “Keep writing. Keep blogging. Keep sharing your great stories. Be true to yourself. You have everything that you need to succeed. Don’t give up.”

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