An Update Of Me And Writing.

Hello, fellow bloggers! I just thought I’d do a quick update on myself and writing projects that I am working on.

Firstly, due to the kind response to my Why I write post, I thought I’d do a little update on how I am now. For those that missed it, I have decided to get help for some mental health issues that I am currently experiencing. To be entirely honest, I feel like I am getting better. I’m having therapy sessions every Wednesday, and they are helping more than I ever imagined. In this morning’s session, I was even able to tell my therapist that I had a good week. I find it strange how simply talking about a problem can make that problem less daunting. I’m being guided to find the root causes of my problems, and in doing do so, I can better understand and control them. I would once again like to reach out to people that are experiencing negative, distressing or self-destructive thoughts, that they cannot seem to escape. There is plenty of help out there, and there is always someone that will listen. You are not alone.

As for writing, as always, I have a lot that I am working on. But here’s the two that I am most excited about:

  • Probably most significantly, my novella has been handed over to my editor! The title that I have given my novella is The Hunter: Monster Within. The feedback that I have had from it, so far, has been very positive. I’ve also had an amazing front cover designed, that I am very pleased with. I can’t wait to share the finished product with everyone. I’m hoping for a digital release close to Christmas, if not, soon after.
  • I have a serial coming to! My idea for it has been accepted, I’m just in the process of getting a title page made for it. The story is set in the same world as my novella, following the same protagonist on a different hunt. You can expect a further update on this very soon, as I am aiming to get the first part up next week.


The third part of The Chosen Of Anubis is coming on Friday. 🙂

Thank you for reading!


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