Hello everyone. I have just posted the first chapter of The Hunter: Demonic Uprising on Channillo! This story will come in 12 parts, 1 part being posted every month. Here’s the blurb:

Azerius is a hunter. A slayer of those that lurk in the darkness. To those that know of him, he is the hunter. He is the thing that haunts the dreams of monsters and gods, alike. He is the ultimate protector of humanity, but to do so, comes at a price. Every battle is a fight for control… over himself. In this particular hunt, Azerius is called to arms by his ally, Zero, to investigate an increase in demonic possession. The hunter finds himself in the frozen town of Terafal, where he must face a powerful evil in an unfamiliar environment. To win this battle, Azerius must ally himself with an ancient species that he thought long extinct. Will a combined force of humanities protectors be able to stop the Demonic Uprising?

This series will be a tie in with my upcoming novella, The Hunter: Monster Within. If you’re interested in my work, then this will give you a great preview of things to come! Here’s the link: https://channillo.com/series/the-hunter-demonic-uprising-/

If you’re not familiar with Channillo, then you should certainly check it out. There are so many talented writers on there!

Thank you all for reading!