Short Fiction- The Dream.

I woke up this morning in a haze. The dim light of the winters moon seemed to make surfaces glow with an ebb of greens and blues. It was odd, but I dismissed it as a side effect of disturbed sleep. In my groggy state of reluctance, I peeled back the bed sheets and rose from the comfort of my bed. My room felt surreal somehow. Like it was there… but not. Like my reality had somewhat shifted, and an incomplete remanence had taken its place. I did not stop to ponder the possibilities and carried on with the routine of getting ready for work.

I strode on to the mundane task, step after begrudged step. The sky above was an infinite darkness, speckled with orbs of glowing white light. As I looked up, I knew they were distant, but not so far that I could not reach them. In my confusion, it took me a while to realise the mistake in this beauty. The moon was now vacant. I looked down, refusing to believe my own eyes. I carried on, step after begrudged step.

I arrived at the park, a vast area of open field. It was silent. There was no bird that welcomed the morning. The cold wind didn’t whistle through the lonely trees that stood sentinel. A walkway flanked by lines of street lamps led me to my destination. As each metallic pillar blurred past, I began to question this reality. I stopped dead in my tracks, the thoughts becoming a heavy burden to carry. I focused on the right and the wrong as they bled into one. I willed the reality into a vision of my own making. I could feel the lamp post beside me. But not just feel it. As I reached out toward it, I could see the matter from which it was created. Its atoms and molecules melded. As I gripped the cold metal with my bare hand, I feel its energy. Effortlessly, I bent the object to my will.

As I harnessed my new power, a wash of red replaced the dark. I looked up to see not the sunset in the sky, but a glowing mass heading toward me. It tore through the atmosphere, its form so colossal that it warped the space around it. Despite the distance between the object and I, I could feel its fury. Its intent on destruction.

But this was my reality. A place where the mundane could wait. A place where the impossible was possible. A place where nothing could destroy me. I plucked the thing that promised my end from the sky and crushed it in my fist. I let its dust fall from my palm and flow onto the silent breeze. And with that, I awoke.


Hey everyone. I hope that you enjoyed this short piece. It’s based on a rather strange dream that I had a little while ago. It was one of those dreams that felt so real, I had to double check that I was awake after. I still remember it vividly to this day, every bit of detail. I don’t normally believe in dreams having meaning, but this one got me thinking. It got me thinking that I had the power to change my own reality and that I could crush the obstacles that tried to stop me. I actually had this dream just before I started letting people read my fiction. I don’t believe in fate, but I believe that I have found my purpose. And this dream gave me the strength to pursue it.

Thank you all for reading! I will be back soon.


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Thank you.


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