The Hunter- Character Profiles. (Part- 1)

Hey all! Welcome to a new series of posts. I’ve decided to introduce you all to the main characters from my novella and current work in progress: The Hunter. These posts will be in the form of character profile questioners. To start this series off, please allow me to introduce The Hunter himself, Azerius.

  1. Name: Azerius.
  2. Age: Unknown.
  3. General physical description: Short dark hair, sapphire blue eyes (most of the time), muscular, tall.
  4. Homeland: Silvervayne of the Old lands.
  5. Type of home/ neighbourhood: Non-existent, he travels and sleeps whenever and wherever he pleases.
  6. Relationship status: Single. (Too busy monster hunting for that.)
  7. Current family: None.
  8. Family background (parents, previous marriages, etc.): Previously a wife and child. (Deceased.)
  9. Friends: The white witch Ariel, the little vampire lord Korhea and the hot-headed detective Cassius.
  10. Other close relationships: His sword, Moonsgrace.
  11. Job: Slayer of those that lurk in the darkness, protector of humanity.
  12. Dress style: Anything black. Lots of black. It helps him to better stalk his prey in the shadows.
  13. Religion: None.
  14. Attitude to religion: Indifferent, although he does consider gods an interesting form of prey.
  15. Favourite pastimes: Killing monsters.
  16. Hobbies: ^Also killing monsters. ^
  17. Favourite sports: Is hunting a sport? If so, hunting.
  18. Favourite foods: The blood and entrails of his enemies.
  19. Strongest positive personality trait: Highly protective.
  20. Strongest negative personality trait: Seriously bad temper.
  21. Sense of humour: Dark.
  22. Temper: Awful… so bad that you might say that it brings out the Monster Within.
  23. Consideration for others: Azerius would protect humans (of the innocent variety) until his dying breath. However, anyone or anything else, he would happily bring to the blade. The Hunter is an executioner for humanity.
  24. How other people see him/her: Those that know Azerius see him as a protector and as someone that has done what is needed, regardless of the cost. For those that don’t know him, it would greatly depend on his mood.
  25. Opinion of him/herself: Azerius loves himself and is well aware of his power and skill.
  26. Other traits, especially those to be brought out in story: Deep down, Azerius wants to love again, but he chooses to focus on protecting humanity without hesitation. Perhaps he doesn’t want to be held back? Perhaps he is afraid of the potential loss? Maybe, in the future, he will find his peace.
  27. Ambitions: To rid the world of the creatures that threaten humanity.
  28. Will readers like or dislike this character, and why? I believe that readers will like Azerius. Despite his sometimes-monstrous tendencies, he does whatever he must to defend those that can’t defend themselves. He is an all around good guy… but with a difference. He is a good guy with a monster within.


Thank you all for reading! That was the profile for the main protagonist of my novella and upcoming series of books, The Hunter.

If you haven’t yet read my novella, The Hunter: Monster Within, you can grab a digital version on kindle, read it free on kindle unlimited or pick up a paperback version, right here: The Hunter: Monster within.

Here’s what people have to say about my novella, so far:

“Loved it. You’re style is fast paced and you don’t weigh it down with too much fluff.” 5/5 Amazon – Spoonydog.

“I haven’t enjoyed a book as much as this one for ages.” 5/5 Amazon – Erica.

“The Hunter was a monster story through and through. This was old-school horror at its best.” 4/5 Goodreads – Readtolivetowrite.

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Thanks again! I will be back again very soon. Take it easy and stay awesome.


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