The Hunter- Character Profiles. (Part- 2)

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Welcome! For the second part of this series, please allow me to introduce, Chief Detective Cassius.

  1. Name: Cassius.
  2. Age: 38
  3. General physical description: Short hair (greying early from stress), perfectly shaped goatee, lean, usually seen with heavy eyes (he doesn’t get to sleep much).
  4. Homeland: Silvervayne of the Old lands.
  5. Type of home/ neighbourhood: A regular apartment in Newvayne. Nothing special, but he doesn’t spend much time there anyway.
  6. Relationship status: Single… but always trying to rectify this.
  7. Current family: None (that I have told you about… yet).
  8. Family background (parents, previous marriages, etc.): See above. 😉
  9. Friends: The white witch Ariel, the little vampire lord Korhea and ever protective Hunter, Azerius.
  10. Other close relationships: A nice, top shelf whisky (even better when it’s free).
  11. Job: Detective and monster hunter in training.
  12. Dress style: Stereotypical detective. Long tan coat, shades, cigar in mouth… etc.
  13. Religion: None.
  14. Attitude to religion: Indifferent.
  15. Favourite pastimes: Drinking whisky.
  16. Hobbies: Cleaning his gun collection.
  17. Favourite sports: Chasing the criminals of Silvervayne.
  18. Favourite foods: Anything quick and easy, usually pizza washed down with a pint of coffee.
  19. Strongest positive personality trait: Determination.
  20. Strongest negative personality trait: Crude.
  21. Sense of humour: Slightly twisted (despite his position).
  22. Temper: Controlled.
  23. Consideration for others: Much like Azerius, Cassius is a protector of humanity. He is, however, of the mundane variety… for now.
  24. How other people see him/her: People see Cassius as the figure of authority that he is. He is both respected and feared among civilians. Azerius sees Cassius as a hunter in the making and potential weapon to wield against the forces of the dark.
  25. Opinion of him/herself: Cassius is strong willed and can see nothing but the goal ahead. He cares little for his own wellbeing. But maybe… there is a side to him that we haven’t yet seen…
  26. Other traits, especially those to be brought out in story: He is an expert marksman with an affinity for firearms. He is fearless, even when face to face with a monster for the fist time.
  27. Ambitions: To bring and maintain peace.
  28. Will readers like or dislike this character, and why? Cassius is a fun character, with no obvious flaws… for this, I think readers will enjoy him. His history is completely untold at the moment, so opinions may change. 😉


Thank you all for reading! That was the profile for the main character Cassius of my novella and upcoming series of books, The Hunter.

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“I haven’t enjoyed a book as much as this one for ages.” 5/5 Amazon – Erica.

“The Hunter was a monster story through and through. This was old-school horror at its best.” 4/5 Goodreads – Readtolivetowrite.

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Thanks again! I will be back again very soon. Take it easy and stay awesome.


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