The Hunter- Character Profiles. (Part- 4)

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Hey all. Before I start todays post, I just thought I’d let you know that you can currently purchase the Kindle version of The Hunter: Monster Within for just 99p! This offer only lasts for 7 days! So, if you want a taste of my writing style and the dark fantasy world that I am creating, now is the perfect time to grab a copy.

With that said, for the third part of this series, please allow me to introduce (probably one of my readers favourite’s), the little vampire lord, Korhea.

  1. Name: Korhea.
  2. Age: He lost count a while ago.
  3. General physical description: Small and child-like, long pointy ears, gaunt, fangs and claws.
  4. Homeland: Silvervayne of the Old lands.
  5. Type of home/ neighbourhood: His home is where he chooses, but he really likes mansions.
  6. Relationship status: Obviously single, being a vampire lord trapped in a child’s body an’all.
  7. Current family: None alive.
  8. Family background: It’s a secret… for now.
  9. Friends: The loyal Cassius, the powerful Ariel and the ever protective Hunter, Azerius.
  10. Other close relationships: Draik, the first vampire.
  11. Job: Being a badass and drinking blood.
  12. Dress style: None existent, apart from an ancient and ragged pair of shorts.
  13. Religion: None.
  14. Attitude to religion: Indifferent.
  15. Favourite pastimes: Juggling the skulls of his enemies.
  16. Hobbies: Learning from ancient literature.
  17. Favourite sports: Professional hide and seek.
  18. Favourite foods: Blood… lots of blood.
  19. Strongest positive personality trait: Loyal.
  20. Strongest negative personality trait: Often too forgiving.
  21. Sense of humour: Dark.
  22. Temper: Controlled.
  23. Consideration for others: Korhea is loyal to those he trusts but will often only act in a situation based on his own terms. Despite being a vampire, he cares for the safety of humanity.
  24. How other people see him/her: To those that don’t know him, a monster… and a weak one at that. To those that know him, the deadly and ancient creature that he is.
  25. Opinion of him/herself: Much like Azerius, Korhea must fight for control of himself. In a way, he is scared of the monster he truly is… and has been.
  26. Other traits, especially those to be brought out in the story: Honourable and selfless.
  27. Ambitions: To be the head of a clan that help defend humanity… not feast upon it.
  28. Will readers like or dislike this character, and why? So far, all of my readers love Korhea. He’s a strange character with many secrets, but he’s also kind, intelligent and powerful. What not to like?


Thank you all for reading! That was the profile for the main character Korhea of my novella and upcoming series of books, The Hunter.

If you haven’t yet read my novella, The Hunter: Monster Within, don’t forget that you can grab a digital version on kindle for just 99p! Or, read it free on kindle unlimited or pick up a paperback version, all right here: The Hunter: Monster within.

Here’s what people have to say about my novella, so far:

“Loved it. You’re style is fast paced and you don’t weigh it down with too much fluff.” 5/5 Amazon – Spoonydog.

“I haven’t enjoyed a book as much as this one for ages.” 5/5 Amazon – Erica.

“The Hunter was a monster story through and through. This was old-school horror at its best.” 4/5 Goodreads – Readtolivetowrite.

Also, while you’re here, go check out my YouTube channel and show me some love over there: L. A. Vockins.

You can also support me on Patreon!

Thanks again! I will be back again very soon. Take it easy and stay awesome.



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