Cyberpunk World Building: Sanctuary. (Part- 2)

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In part one of this series, I set a very basic foundation of my Cyberpunk world in the form of a synopsis. From a brief synopsis, I determined the setting of my world and the factions that I will be focusing on within. In this part of creating a Cyberpunk world, I will be fleshing out these factions to determine their purpose within the fiction.

However, before we begin, some of you may be asking “Why create a world first, in lieu off creating a world around a plotline?” My answer to this would simply be, preparation. Whenever I write a story, set in a distinct world, I never plan on it being a one off. I always plan ahead to make sure that I can visit this world multiple times through short stories and serials. By creating the world prior to writing the pieces of fiction, I have already answered a lot of questions before I even begin my writing process. I believe that this adds depth and believability to any story.

My main inspirations behind world building are Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien and Game Of Thrones by George R.R Martin. I always imagined them using this process to create their stories. As I’m sure that you’re aware, both of the worlds that they have created are immensely detailed and structured with a very large amount of well thought out characters. With numerous factions, such as the Uruk-hai and Gondorians from LOTR or House Stark and House Targaryen from GOT, there are many possibilities for conflict, trust and intrigue. All of this detail can amount to an incredible amount of potential story lines.

Now, onto my Cyberpunk world. From the synopsis we gathered the factions that I wanted to include with this world. With a brief sentence about each, I was able to determine their title and place within the story. So, the next job is to flesh them out. Here’s what I came up with:

The Corporation – Law enforcers of a new order. With wealth and resource on their side, the Corporation use the most advanced augmentation, armour and weaponry. They are highly trained and efficient, but almost void of emotion and choice due to a harsh indoctrination procedure. They often fight in small groups of elite warriors, moving with purpose and discipline to destroy their designated target.

The Resistance – A collection of some of the deadliest warriors that the new world has ever known. From fighting pits, slave farms, gangs and isolation cells, the Resistance have grouped together to form a force to be reckoned with. They fight to tear down the constraints that have been placed upon humanity by the new order. They fight to survive against all that would oppose them. Without barely a source of funding, the resistance make use of what augments they already have or can find. They are experts in salvaging old tech for the good of their cause.

The Clerics – Fanatical religious group opposed to the ideals of binding metal and flesh. So opposed, in fact, that they wish to eradicate every augmented human from the known world. As such, despite their lack of numbers, the Clerics have declared war on any faction that wish to utilise augmented humans among their ranks. They worship Aulera, a god of the new world. She is the goddess of life and rebirth. The Clerics believe that should Armageddon come while humanity is corrupt, their goddess will reject the entire race and refuse their rebirth. They see only augmentation as corruption. Although overpowered by those with augments, the Clerics use agility and martial prowess to defeat their opposition. The train daily to hone the abilities that are needed to accomplish their crusade.

The Skaarn – Victims of a technological advancement gone awry. Promised immortality and near invincibility through implement of a new implant, the Skaarn were once human. The implant was to inject a flow of self replicating nanites through the hosts body. These nanites were programmed to devour old cells and create new ones through on-board bio printing. This would have been the answer to infinite life and rapid regeneration… if it wasn’t for a slight flaw. Instead of devouring old cells, they destroyed the healthy. Instead of replacing them with the new, they created something entirely different. Something demented. Banded together by their inhuman and mechanical appearance, the Skaarn live beneath the cities. With the majority of them having only limited sentience and intellect, the Skaarn live by instinct. Deep within the mutated hosts minds is the wanting to create. The wanting to create more of their own


With the factions now given more substance, I can look over them and decide where to take the first storyline. After a quick read through of what I came up with, I decide that I wish to begin my first piece of fiction with a Resistance character playing the part of protagonist and The Corporation, as a faction, playing part of the antagonist. The main part for the Resistance that stood out for me were people being kept in fighting pits and being forced to battle against their will. This could be the perfect setting for a Cyberpunk Gladiator/Spartacus type character, and a great way to introduce the state of the world and also introduce the occupance of Sanctuary.

With that decided, the next step in creating my Cyberpunk world is character creation. But that, I will save for the next part in this series.


Thank you all for Reading!

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