Cyberpunk World Building: Sanctuary. (Part-3)

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Hi all, welcome to another part of my Cyberpunk world building series! So, in the last part I discussed the factions of my world and gave them substance and purpose in Sanctuary. In addition to this, I also decided to make the main focus of the first piece of fiction the Resistance and the Corporation. In this part, I will be moving onto character creation. Having decided to include the Resistance as the protagonist of the story, I needed a strong character with plenty of back story and ambition to take the lead.
Here’s what I came up with. Please let me introduce, Akrios, The Undefeated.

1. Name: Akrios.
2. Age: 36.
3. General physical description: Muscular, athletic, mechanically augmented arms, short dark hair and blue eyes.
4. Homeland: Sanctuary, Minax distract.
5. Type of home/ neighbourhood: After everything was taken from him, Akrios now resides in an abandoned apartment complex.
6. Relationship status: Single.
7. Current family: All deceased.
8. Family background: Akrios once had a wife and two children. Once he was thrown into the fighting pits for disobedience, his family seemingly disappeared. Akrios still holds onto the hope that they are still alive and that one day they will be reunited.
9. Friends: Despite Akrios’ past stained in blood and his often stern exterior, he is liked and respected by many. He has gained a great number of allies during his campaign of rebellion, and many of them he would call friend.
10. Other close relationships: His dual diamond-alloy Gladius blades, Vengeance and Fury.
11. Job: Fighter of the new powers that be. Leader of the strong and protector of the weak.
12. Dress style: Whatever he can get his hands on… within reason.
14. Strongest positive personality trait: Focused.
15. Strongest negative personality trait: Short tempered.
16. Sense of humour: Mostly non-existent.
17. Temper: Barely contained, at times.
18. Consideration for others: Akrios fights for those that can’t protect themselves and aims to create the ultimate army of those that have suffered at the hands of the Corporation. He has no patience for those that uphold the laws of the new order.
19. How other people see him/her: His allies look up to him as a leader, his enemies would look upon him with fear… if they still had the ability to.
20. Opinion of him/herself: Akrios once saw himself as some who had failed his family… now… he sees himself only as vengeance and hope incarnate.
21. Other traits, especially those to be brought out in the story: Despite his warrior-like and disciplined appearance, Akrios is kind and caring… to those he deems worthy.
22. Ambitions: To reform Sanctuary into an equal society and rid the world of those that wronged him and his followers.
23. Will readers like or dislike this character, and why?: I can imagine my readers both loving and hating Akrios. Despite being a hero of the story, he is completely void of mercy. As such, there will be times when he makes the wrong decision, for reasons that he believes is right. Regardless, I believe his past and current situation makes him an interesting character.

So, there we have it. The first character creation of this Cyberpunk world. As you can probably tell, he is heavily inspired by the tales of Spartacus and his gladiator army. I simply could not resist the imagery of a Cyberpunk world splashed with a hint of Rome. Futuristic gladiator rebellion anyone?! Hopefully, from what I have shown here, is a character that can be taken in many different directions. He has a past, albeit morbid, rich in story and emotion. With his Rebellion already underway, there are many possibilities of plot lines ahead for this character.

(As a side-note, if you wish to use this character sheet as a template for your own creations, please do! Feel free to modify it, to fit your own needs. This is the profile system that I always use for my characters, and it never fails to conjure something interesting… even if all I previously had was a rough idea and a name.)


Thank you all for reading!

In the next part of this series, I will be presenting you with the very first piece of fiction from my Cyberpunk world: Sanctuary!

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Thanks again! I will be back again very soon. Take it easy and stay awesome.


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