Cyberpunk World Building: Sanctuary. (Part-4)

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Hey all! Just a quick intro here, as I don’t want to take too much away from the piece of fiction below. So far in this series, I have taken you on a journey through my process of building my cyberpunk world, Sanctuary. We have discussed the world, the factions within the world and the focus of the main plot line.

So, without further ado… this is The Uprising.


“Is this world the way that it is supposed to be? Is this world fated to be controlled by the highest bidder? Are we, humanity, no longer free? These questions revolve around in my mind… turning. Contorting. Twisting.”

Akrios announced, before tapping a practiced series of buttons into his vid-log recorder. His face appeared in a holographic display before him, as it flickered to further enhance its resolution. He almost grimaced at the sight of himself. It wasn’t often that he saw it, and seeing it, was a reminder of how much he had changed. He was once a man bound by what he thought was right. He followed an ideal that was born of the greedy and corrupt. He bore the scars of those mistakes. Three dots lined his forehead where once needles where inserted into his brain, two more at the side of his neck where they accessed his spine.

“My name is Akrios, and exactly one month ago, I was a prisoner.” He said, his green eyes baring deep down into his own. “Not a prisoner of myself, as many of you, but a prisoner to the fighting pits. It was to be my death sentence… yet, here I am. But how about I start from the beginning? How about I tell you of the truth of our leaders? Of the ones that control us? Of the ones that keep us bound like a swarm of rats in a small cage?”

Akrios stood from his chair and paced to shake the red from clouding his eyes. He had a rage inside that could barely be quelled. He flexed his mechanically augmented arms in an effort to release tension. As steel-knitted sinew retracted, a slight whir in the nano-servos did just that. It did, however, remind him of exactly why his true arms where no longer there. The fighting  pits. A sombre look appeared across his scarred face as thoughts became clear.

“I am Akrios. I was one of them. One of those that we have come to know as the Corporation. I was a law enforcer of the self-proclaimed new order. I was as ruthless, as I was relentless. One of them I am no longer. In a moment of realisation and strength, I managed to defy what they had forced upon my mind and body. But for that, I was sentenced to die by blade in the fighting pits. They thought me dead from the moment that I entered the arena. They thought me weak, broken, bruised and torn… just as they had left me. But, oh… oh, how they were wrong.” He smiled. “When death came to greet me, with blade in hand, I cut off his head. When death returned for a re-match… I did exactly the same fucking thing.”

Akrios drew swords from unseen scabbards engineered into his legs. They were Gladius in shape, forged from an exo-diamond alloy. In a swift motion, he imbedded them into the table before him. With the neon greens and blues of the holo-display, they glinted like the aurora borealis in its full splendour.

“With these blades, I slaughtered every fucking champion that was put in front of me. With every champion that I slaughtered, I got closer to my true enemy. Eventually, I was rewarded with the very tools that I needed to escape. And escape, I did. With my augmented strength, I dug deep into my own flesh and removed the thing that stopped me from leaving. An execution chip that destroyed its host at the touch of a button.” Akrios lifted the crude plates of armour that was fixed to his shoulder, revealing where flesh was torn. “With constraint removed, there was nothing that could stop me.”

Akrios closed his eyes for a moment, breathing in deeply to regain composure. With red lifted from clouded sight, he sat once more with a heavy slump. “I am Akrios.” He started again. “I was betrayed by those that promised protection. I was tortured when promised the healing of something not broken. My life… the ones I loved… it was all taken away from me.” He bowed his head as a single crystalline tear fell the dirtied floor beneath him. “I am not asking for your sorrow or your grief… as I know that many of you have suffered the same.” Akrios rose his head once more, the stern look of a warrior born across his face. “I ask you for your anger. Your rage. Your willing. I call to you to join me, as brothers and sisters in arms. Together, the wronged and righteous can rise. Together, we can heal the world of this infection. “I am Akrios, the undefeated. Join me.”

With the tap of a button, the holographic display before Akrios closed and faded from existence. In a series of key strokes, the message was sent. His voice would be heard throughout Sanctuary for days to come. Through his strength, resilience and rebellion… it would not be long before the resistance would be born.


Thank you all for reading!

In the next part of this series, I will be discussing where I take this story next, as well the potential plot lines gained from this short piece of fiction.

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Thanks again! I will be back again very soon. Take it easy and stay awesome.

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