Cyberpunk World Building: Sanctuary. (Part-5)

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Hello there! Welcome to the finale of my Cyberpunk world building series. In this post I will be discussing the potential of Sanctuary and it’s inhabitants, as well as the journey that is about to unfurl with my protagonist, Akrios. In previous posts, I have taken you along with me in my process of creating this world. We have discussed atmosphere, imagery, setting, factions and a main character. In the part previous to this, I produced my first piece of fiction within this Cyberpunk world. But where will I go from there?

The first piece of fiction presents Akrios as the centrepiece of my story and main protagonist. He is strong, powerful, determined… but also broken and angry… very angry. It is within this inner conflict of personality that I will create intrigue and unpredictability. I will tease at informing the reader of his inner psyche and keep them guessing at the actions that he will ultimately make. From Akrios’ first scene of addressing the people of Sanctuary, it is clear that he is attempting to incite a rebellion through the appeal of discontent against its rulers. He shows that he is a force to be reckoned with, through being toughened in his time in the fighting pits. He shows his determination for revenge, through the torture that he had endured and his family that is missing.

For Akrios, there is so many ways that we can take his story. From the first piece of fiction, we have many questions unanswered. How did he overcome so many opponents in the fighting fights? How did he escape his captors? What happened to his family? What did he do that was so bad, for to be exiled from the corporation? These many questions can be answered to add much depth to the story, through prequel chapters and flashbacks. Most importantly, however, is where this story can go after the scene. Will Akrios gather a force, with which to combat the might of the corporation? Who will he meet in his journey ahead? Who else had been wronged by the new powers that be? How will he achieve his ultimate goal? But this, is just the beginning.

There is one other question that needs to be answered… how will the colossal city of Sanctuary cope with a war inside its walls and how will the other factions react? With the Skaarn lying dormant in shadow, waiting for their chance to strike, they may just wield the distraction as opportunity. The Clerics, with their disdain for the augmented and corrupted flesh, may lose their patience as potential targets come into the light.

Hopefully, from this, you can see the potential of this world. By creating this Cyberpunk world, I have conjured something that I can return to, with plot line after plot line. I could plan a series of short fiction, a novella, a novel… or all of the above, within this very same world. They could follow the planned factions, or even introduce outsiders as new ones. This is the benefit of creating a world before the story. The possibilities are endless, and the preparation is there to aid you in your creative journey.

But will there be more of Sanctuary and Akrios? I have loved writing this series so much, that I have decided to write more in this world that I have created. More will come, but in which form, I have not yet decided…


Thank you all for reading!

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Thanks again! I will be back again very soon. Take it easy and stay awesome.

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