Happy New Year! (And the fate of Demonic Uprising.)

Hey all!

First of all, I just want to wish everyone a…

Happy New Year!!

Did we all drink, eat and party too much over the festive season? …good, yes is what I like to hear.

Mine was a slightly busy and entirely hectic one, but fun was had all the same. Now, the only thing that’s left is to get back into the routine of bringing you all content and copious amounts of weird and wonderful fiction! You can be expecting to see much of me this year, in the form of new releases, videos and articles. However, my priority at the beginning of this year is to get my website here tidied up and upgraded, and to reform my Patreon page. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. My image has become less focused on The Hunter as my brand, but more about myself as an author and creator.
  2. My work has diversified more than I had ever expected to. And so, I need to organise everything differently, so people can find the content that they want to read/watch.

So, just as a warning, expect some changes here… but it’s still the same old me… just rebranded. (And, let me know if I break anything. I’m not very good with this website stuff.)

Now for the last part of this quick post, allow me to inform you of the fate of The Hunter: Demonic Uprising, as some readers have been asking and I have finally made a decision.

Resized Hun ser

Demonic Uprising was a serial that I was working on and featuring on a subscription-based website. I was four chapters in before I decided that the platform wasn’t right for me, both as a new creator and author. I have now removed my content from that platform. “But what has happened to all that hard work, time and effort?” …you may be asking. Well, I have decided to bring it here… for everyone to read!

Starting from next week and continuing until it’s completion, The Hunter: Demonic uprising, will be featured here as a monthly upload.


Thank you all for reading and for supporting me in my journey.

If you haven’t yet read my novella, The Hunter: Monster Within, you can grab it right here: The Hunter: Monster within.

Go see my face and show me some love over on my YouTube channel!

You can also support me on Patreon!

Thanks again! I will be back again very soon. Take it easy and stay awesome.

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