The Hunter: Monster Within. New Review By Laura Hopgood.


The awesomely talented Laura Hopgood (Author of Diversion To Urasha) has deemed my novella worthy of a 5 star review on Amazon and GoodReads!

Here is what Laura had to say:

Unleash your inner monster.

This book really reminded me of ‘Underworld’ meets ‘Blade’. From the start, we’re drawn into the dark world filled with all kinds of ‘monsters’. We’re introduced to vampires, witches, werewolves, wendigs, and even humans play their part in this ghoulish tale.

With the fast approaching blood moon, a team of ‘monsters’ must group together to fight off the looming threat!

This book is fast paced, with action scene after action scene. It’s blood-thirsty and exciting, with a very colourful cast!

If you fancy a fun, dark read, and to unleash your inner monster, pick up this fantastic book; you won’t regret it!

Thank you so much Laura, for both your great review and your time!


Fancy some YA Sci-Fi? Go check out Laura Hopgood’s novel, Diversion To Urasha! It’s brilliantly written, imaginative and crammed with space warrior action. I’m reading it at the moment and it is superb. I really need a Sworsha and a Chugga in my life… go read it to find out exactly what it is I’m talking about. 😉

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