2019 and an early Merry Christmas.


What I am proud  of achieving throughout 2019. 


Hey everyone! So, this is something that I’ve seen a lot of people doing at the moment. It’s healthy to reflect on self achievement and change, so I thought I’d join in. A lot has happened this year! There’s been both the good and the bad in abundance, but either way, I’ll be looking forward to moving on from this year.  Here’s my what I am proud  of achieving throughout 2019. 


  • I feel that I have learned more about myself this year, than I have in a long time. I have learned to reflect on who I am as a person and have recognised the parts of me that I can work on.
  • I have learned that it’s okay to rest when I feel drained and that it is okay to take a break, instead of constantly pushing myself.
  • I have determined my goals and have set in motion the plans to make my dreams a reality.
  • I have worked hard to get my body back into the condition it was in… but better. I have never been so strong, fit and healthy!
  • I have worked hard on my mind and have learned how to keep my demons at bay and my chaos in check.
  • I have learned to be unafraid and remove things from my life that are toxic or hold me back or don’t serve my wellbeing.
  • I have overcome much of the mental illness that stopped me from achieving… and no longer need the support I was having to do so.
  • I have made the first steps to becoming the best version of myself… because I now know who that is. I will be entering 2020 with a new mindset. I will be unstoppable in my goals, boundless in what I can achieve… and dauntless… so fucking dauntless.


An early Merry Christmas!


I’ve decided to take the rest of this month off from blogging and posting here on my website. So with that said, I hope you all have THE BEST Christmas. Drink, eat… live, laugh, love. Do everything with abandon and enjoy! I know I will be…






Just a small note at the end of this post. I have decided to drop Patreon as a way for my readers to support my writing. Instead of this, you can now head over to my Ko-fi page and buy me a coffee. We all know that my powers of writing ultimately come from consuming copious amounts of caffeine, so now you can help fuel my fiction and blogging!


Here’s the link to my Ko-fi page: https://ko-fi.com/lavockins.





See you in the New Year!

Thank you all for reading and for supporting me in my journey.

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Thanks again! I will be back again very soon. Take it easy and stay awesome.




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