Serial Fiction- Order of Three: Beyond Blood. (Part- 3).

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Alexander A. Morton.

March 4th 2020.


I write this with weary eyes. The night before was one again disturbed. Nightmare upon nightmare riddled with question and doubt. What plagues this mind has already taken its toll in the form of monsters wondering my dreams and shadows stalking me through the night. I look to what more could unfold this day… but first, I shall recollect my thought to this page.

Last night I awoke in a place that was not where I had led to slumber. A place where the stars were vacant. A home without the gaze of the moon. A place that I felt I knew but had long forgot.

Blood soaked. Torn. Bloodied. I led on a ground muddied with the substance that sustains. My world beneath was red, but the sky above was absent. I could hear my heart pounding in my ear. Adrenaline surged, catching my breath as I tried to find calm. I could not move. Without bound, nor restraint, I could not move. I tried, but my body would not have it so. It was only when I realised that control was not my own that I began to loosen the hold this nightmare had over me. That was when I became aware that not all was void and vacant. The sound of the heart that beat in my ear was not of my own, but of the world around me. It echoed above and beyond, through air and across ground. I could feel it reverberating on the surface of my flesh.

“Of one,” a formless voice filled the silence. Gnarled and coarse, it echoed through the void.

I remained silent as its silhouette emerged. I could see it now. It was there all along, in the darkness, waiting. It was a colossal thing. A mass of sinew and spine and claw. It was humanoid in form, although tendril writhed and coiled about its being. I could not see detail of feature, but what I could see about its face was its eyes. Six of them, crescent and iridescent, they glimmered with the hues of the universe. The creature fixated on me as it began to approach, its footsteps quaking reality.

I was not afraid. Even as the creature encroached, I was not afraid. Numb, but entirely aware. It was familiar, perhaps, like the embrace of a shadow. The more that I delved into my thoughts, the looser the restraint became, until entirely, control was my own again. I stood before the creature, looking up to return its gaze with my own.

“What are you?” I questioned with a voice stern and unwavering. A voice that seemed not of my own.

With my question the creature stopped its advance. Although close, the dark still hid its assumed monstrous visage. It was then apparent of the creature’s true stature. It stood as a mountain of obsidian, its peak reaching that of the city’s tallest skyscraper. It was monstrous, indeed. A thing of an absolute nightmare, from a mind so warped… or was it? Was this a memory or another reality? It felt real. As a dream seen from eyes that were my own, it was real. The smell and taste of its world are still vivid to my senses even as I write this. But that version of me… it was myself, but not. Fearless. Undaunted. Sobered in a torn reality.

“With eyes that unsee, you are not worthy.

With knowledge, unknowing, you shall return.

You are one, but not.

Yet, still…”

It said, with that voice that echoed through all void and space and matter. With its words, and a sentence incomplete, it knelt and bowed its head before me. And, with that, I awoke.

I wish I could say that I could make sense of that which I just described. Perhaps I am going mad, or perhaps I am delving into something beyond my understanding. I wish I could say that the oddities of last night ended there, but they did not. Awakening with an urge of understanding, I reached for the tome that was no longer beside me. I searched, to no avail, until I noticed another oddity… a new note under my door. It was of the same appearance as the last; that coarse and yellowed parchment with writing in black-red ink. That symbol in the corner. It said, simply;

“I have seen you worthy.

At midnight, on the pier you frequent with thought of an end, you will find your answer.”

I shall conclude my writing’s at the recording of that note. I am tireless, but absolutely tired. My universe is exhausted from the onslaught of me. I need rest before I meet with this proposed answer. Perhaps fate is finally before me. I hear it in the distance, echoing with the voice of a creature.

To be continued…

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