Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. Question Time Collab. (Part- 1)

Me and StrangeGirlGaming collaborated for this two-part list of Valhalla related questions! The game is huge, the gameplay is diverse, and we’re both mad… so it made for some very interesting answers. Hope you enjoy, and part two will be out very soon.  

Opinion of the game in just three words?

Lee A:

Brutal. Big. Tree-ish.


So much epicness!

Favourite location thus far? And describe it.

Lee A:

Maybe a basic answer, but I love Ravensthorpe, our settlement that we get to interact with and build. Its growth as you progress through the game is an incredible thing to witness, and I’ve always been a sucker for management games. And there are trees. Lots of trees. I like trees. 


That’s a tough one. Having completed the game, I have been to every area that is available. I love the snow and mountains in Norway, the way you can see the Northern Lights in the sky. Returning here at the end of the game was pure joy; it is so serene and pristine. Honestly, I could get lost for hours in the photo mode in Norway alone.

Your favourite ability thus far?

Lee A:

The Harpoon is by far my favourite ability. You get to throw enemies around at a distance, into each other or into a wall or off a ledge. It’s like being a less magical jedi. It’s a great ability for killing those more elite enemies, and perhaps a little overpowered.


FIRE! Anything to do with fire is a winner for me. It might not be that original or innovative, but being able to light up my blade or arrows gets the pyromancer in me cackling. Honestly, it’s a real problem…

Most interesting encounter thus far?

Lee A:

The guy with the axe in his head! Have you met him? If you know, you know. I found it disturbingly hilarious.


Ugh, this is difficult. There are a few that stand out in Valhalla. One of which is the final encounter. However, for Lee’s sake, I will refrain from discussing that one as he hasn’t completed the story yet! Though it did confuse the hell out of me and left me with some serious questions and a lot of confusion until I saw the hidden ending at least.

Getting back to the question, I would go with Fulke, purely because this bitch believes her own hype and that is hilarious to me. Oh, and the fact that I wanted to tear her apart for hours only made crossing off this member of The Order all the more satisfying to me.

Actually, I changed my mind; it would have to be Fenrir! I give no explanation because the damn beast doesn’t need one.

Big-axe wielding berserker, shield and hammer wielding raider or sneaky-stab assassin? And why? 

Lee A:

Shield and hammer wielding raider… because I missed the shield so much in Odyssey. Like, where the F was my shield? So, I’m making up for that loss in Valhalla. And hammers are always fun. I often pretend that I’m Thor, just without the lightning.    


None of the above! I choose to be different. I’m not ordinary in real life, so I had no wish to be your average Viking. Therefore, I decided to, drumroll please, be a two-handed duel wielder! I ran around with a greatsword in one and a giant axe in the other, and guess what? It was fun! So that was my choice, because, how badass is that!? Eivor tore up the battlefield; we were tearing down certain enemies long before we should have.

You are a Viking… what weapon would you wield, what would your battle cry be and what is your Viking name?

Lee A:

Counter to the Hammer and shield answer, I would wield just loads of axes. I’d have a selection that I could throw at people, then others that I can hack and slash with, and extras in case they get stuck in faces. I’d be a very organised Viking… but slightly insane. Lee-the-mental-one-with-many-axes would be my name, and my battle cry would be more of a song; I’d be roaring “let the bodies hit the floor”. You all know the one…  


Oh dear, if I am a Viking Valhalla is about to get a new warrior real soon. Honestly, this is a tough question. However, due to my immense love of Valkyries, I am fairly confident in saying I would wield a spear. I would look all kinds of badass and terrifying…until I rode into battle yelling SQUISHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

As for my Viking name, it would have to be Signe, as it stands for the one who is victorious, and I am way too competitive to let some chump chop me to pieces on the battle, so victory it is!

To be continued…

Thank you StrangeGirlGaming for this Collab! Go follow her blog over here: StrangeGirlGaming

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