A Place To Share Our Creativity: ReDefined-Media.

So, I’ve started another project.

Over on Redefined media, I want to create a place where all forms of writer and creative type can express their skill and creativity, without feeling the need to pander to the mainstream. It will be a place of art, photography, news, fiction, poetry, and review, combined into one place. It will be a place for the mind to dwell and discover. It will be a place where writers and artists can be noticed and heard.

At least, this is my vision for it. I’ve only just begun, but I will work hard on making this a reality. I already have a few talented writers working with me on this project, but I would love it for more to join us.  

Want to help me with this project?

Are you a creative? Do you write? Do you draw? Are you into photography? The list is endless for the brilliant things that we can create, and I want to make this a website for everyone to share their work and connect. If you have anything that you’d like to share, you can connect with me here, in the comments, over there, on any of my social medias, or on my personal email address: Azerius@hotmail.co.uk.

Of course, anything shared will be entirely credited to you and its original source. It doesn’t have to be some thing created especially for the site, and you can choose any related link to be featured. I want to help you all grow and be seen and heard.

If not, that’s absolutely cool. You can support me by just dropping a follow. 😉

Love to you all. ❤

Lee A. Vockins.

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