Poetry: Forsaken Reunion.

In the dark of night

lonely creatures stir

rising from forsaken graves

abandoned after death

to awaken with a sense of longing

their hungry beings seek to reunite

skeletal hands find

those of their decomposing lover

caressing once plump faces

now gaunt

lips still part

for only each other

that end in a kiss

unlocking memories that haunt

craving the cold

of undeath

to become

one in warm embrace

they retrace

each other’s scars

and bite marks

upon decaying flesh

a reunion of souls

now awakens

still hearts

a crimson beat restarts

flowing through the vein

and they feel once again

remembering a life

long lived

before they became absent

of all pain

no matter what strife

did befall them

their connection stayed

forever constant

their affections proved to be true

for what love

could remain

so immortal

that even the reaper

and his scythe

could not separate or undo

This piece was a collaboration between myself and the incredibly talented R. Petrus.
To find more of her work, visit:



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