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Fiction- The Deep Dark.

  I write this from a place that even my darkest nightmares could not have fathomed. A place of the deadliest horrors. A place of shadow. A place of death. We came here, my three companions and I, in search of power and wealth, as many adventures have before us. We have seen the fate of those that came before.

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Fiction- The Hunter. (Part- 3)

Previous: Part-1 Part-2 **** Moonlight shone in rays through the forest, bathing the undergrowth in a pale grey. Silvervayne forest had got its name from this hour of night. Its ancient and twisted trees seemed to shine and glitter with a pure sliver in the light of the moon. On this night, the beauty of the forest was disturbed. Detective Cassius

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Fiction- The New Hope.

Tirena was the first to awaken from cryo-sleep, she was captain of the Ark, a vessel containing the last hope for the human race. She was responsible for the lives of two thousand people. The burden was heavy, but she was confident in her task. They were on their way to Trappist-1, a small system located six hundred years from

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Fiction- The Hunted.

  Lilith’s thirst for blood fuelled her this night, strengthening an ancient power within her. She bounded from roof top to roof top, moving too fast for the mortal eye to witness. Her long silver hair writhed behind her tall, lithe form. She searched the dark rank alleyways for her next victim, they would be no match for her strength

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Fiction- The Four

The Four   “These creatures have no clue.” Said War, glaring at the humans as they brushed passed him. His colossal form was unmoving, but they tried regardless. “They are vile.” Pestilence grimaced before plucking a fly from the air and consuming it. His cracked skin revealed red flesh, and his leaking eyes oozed pus. “They are greedy.” Famine observed.

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