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The Sunshine Blogger Award 2.

  Hey everyone! Apologies for my absence in the week. I am in complete novel writing mode at the moment, and am working incredibly hard at getting the follow up to The Hunter: Monster Within finished. I will do a full update of my progress very soon. But for now, here is my second Sunshine Blogger Award! A huge thank you to

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The Sunshine Blogger Award.

A huge thank you to Becca, of From My Lofty Hill, for nominating me for this award. It is greatly appreciated. You should all go and check out her blog and show her some love and support. She posts amazing content that is not only entertaining and inspirational, but also very well written. A post of hers that I particularly

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The Unique Blogger Award.

  A huge thank you to Strange Girl Gaming for nominating me for the Unique blogger award. Go and check out her awesome blog for everything gaming related, including news, reviews and so much more! The 3 questions that I was asked.      1. If you could swap lives with any fictional character who would it be and why? I

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Liebster Award- 2

  A huge thank you to the awesome Jack of All Trade for deeming me worthy of this award. You should all go and follow their blog for interesting, intellectual and well written content. A personal favourite of mine is It Was Like A Dream. The Questions. If you are going to be renamed, what name would you choose? I don’t think

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Liebster Award.

Teresa B of Armed With A Keyboard has deemed me worthy of nomination for the Liebster Award!! Go and check out her blog for some feel good posts and inspiration! The 11 questions that I was asked. Where are you from? I am from the not-so-magical land of the United Kingdom. West Berkshire, if you want to be more specific (but not

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