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The Hunter- Character Profiles. (Part- 3)

Previous: (Part-1) (Part-2) Hey everyone! For the third part of this series, please allow me to introduce, the White Witch, Ariel. Name: Ariel. Age: Over 3000. (Yes, seriously… but she’s stopped counting now.) General physical description: Long blonde hair (most of the time), pale skin, visage of angelic beauty/she really doesn’t look her age. Usually found in clothing that resembles nightwear.

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The Hunter- Character Profiles. (Part- 1)

Hey all! Welcome to a new series of posts. I’ve decided to introduce you all to the main characters from my novella and current work in progress: The Hunter. These posts will be in the form of character profile questioners. To start this series off, please allow me to introduce The Hunter himself, Azerius. Name: Azerius. Age: Unknown. General physical description:

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