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Fiction- The Hunter’s Christmas. (Part- 2)

Previous: Part-1 (Warning: Contains dark themes and isn’t very Christmassy.) ***** It was Christmas eve when the Hunter returned to the police station. Midnight was approaching. For the first time since he had last visited Cassius, the snowfall had slowed, and the bitter wind had ceased. Azerius entered the station in a less than perfect state. His long black cloak glistened

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The Faceless Child is on YouTube!

  Hey everyone! The amazing guy behind YeahMan T.V has deemed one of my stories worthy of his narration talents. The Faceless Child- Journal was part of my Halloween special, three days of horror. So, without further ado, here it is. Enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe to his awesome channel and go follow him on Twitter: YeahMan T.V If you missed my

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